This trend caught my attention some time ago. I find the ideas of high-quality, sustainable and unique items in the era of mass production more than attractive. This drove me to plan a photoshoot on my own in which I would solely include slow-fashion brands, aiming to enhance and spread their philosophy and values.


October 2019


Personal Project


Cristina & Paula Roselló (models)

Andrea Rodríguez (makeup & hair)

My Peeptoes, Cherubina & Panambi Collection (clothes & accessories)

These outfits from

My Peeptoes

speak about a timeless elegance,

wether it's a formal look or something 

you can just wear in your day-to-day life.

The key is high-quality materials and 

statement earrings, both of which pair

perfectly with Mint and Rose's shoes.




are two bridal and guest brands that

deliver unique high-quality designs for special occasions at an affordable price, differentiating themselves from multinational clothing companies.


Their fundamental principle is quality paired with creativity and innovation. The search for the exact colours, the ideal curve, the harmony and structure, nothing less than perfection.

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