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Having beautiful imagery and design for your brand is key in order to capture its essence and captivate its target audience. 

Taking care of every step in the creation process, from Art Direction to Photography and Editing, my idea is to transform the brand's essence into something concrete. 

StRATEGY AND branding

Knowing what to do with the content is as important as the content itself, so I take care of analyzing the brand's different channels and develop a strategy that will optimize its utilization. 

Moreover, I'll analyze the strengths of your brand to enhance them throughout the process and come with new ideas. A fresh view outside the company always comes in hand!

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This is where the day-to-day of social media comes to play, from organizing all of the content to scheduling posts and Ig Stories. Design and aesthetics are essential here in order to preserve a strong brand image, which combined with analytics results in a game changer. 

Moreover, I create all of the imagery necessary for this purpose, meaning that I will organize highly efficient photoshoots in which I will know exactly what output is needed and the aesthetics to follow. 

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