This is a series of photos for which I have mixed feelings: both affection and loathe. In a time when the creative sector (and especially photography) seemed to have stopped, I was longing to keep bringing to live my ideas. 


All my photoshoots had been indefinitely postponed (if not cancelled) and didn't seem to be eventually carried out in such an uncertain situation. This is why I started photographing at home on my own in a personal project basis, just with what I had at hand: camera, light and a white background. 


I decided to contact several Spanish startups and offer them the option of doing a series called ''Stay at home'', so I could help them with the content I was producing in order to stay creative. Some weeks later, a few brands started booking these home sessions . I am grateful to all of them for supporting each other in such difficult times and grateful I could inspire with my craft.


March - May 2020


Personal Project


stay at home - stay at home - stay at home - stay at home - stay at home - stay at home - stay at home


You can see the making of and more content about this series on my Instagram highlighted Stories ''Stay at home'' and ''Stay at home II''


Decoration: Mestizo Store

Scarves: Miniatti Shop

Jewellery: By Luna Jewels & Belaque